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About DryFast® Technology
DryFast® is a proprietary process that permanently infuses fast drying properties into fabric. When used in 100% cotton and cotton/poly blended sheets, we have proven a 30% reduction in drying time. This drying time reduction leads to significant energy and labor savings that translate into a measurable cost savings and environmental benefit. 
Energy/Labor Savings
  • DryFast® Technology reduces drying time by 30%.
  • Reduced cycle times produce a higher productivity rate and reduced costs in the laundry system.
Stain Product Recovery
  • 25% overall reduction in the number of "re-wash" loads due to stains.
  • This reduction resulted in savings of chemicals, labor, and allows more product available to stay in use.
  • 25% reduction in pillowcase replacement cost and 9% reduction in replacement sheet costs.
Enviromental Impact from Reduced Drying Time
  • 34.95% reduction in annual green house gas emissions.
Return on Investment: 41.96%
  • The return on investment(ROI) was calculated as the total annualized savings recorded during our trials divided by the total cost of DryFast® product required for the 3-par used in our trials. (Total Annualized Savings/Total Cost of DryFast®)
Quickly calculate your monetary savings and enviromental impact with our DryFast® Calculator.
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