Chemical Use

WestPoint Home strives to avoid the use of harmful chemicals and to minimize the use of all chemicals. The processing plant in Bahrain is certified under the Oeko-Tex® Standard, which demonstrates that potentially harmful chemicals are not used in the manufacturing process. The Oeko-Tex® certification procedure tests for the presence of:

  • Pesticides
  • Heavy Metals
  • Chlorinated Organic Carriers
  • Chlorinated Preservatives
  • Oeko-Tex® certification also demonstrates compliance with European legislation regarding the use of Azo-dyes.
Our plant in Bahrain also recovers a substantial portion of the sodium hydroxide and polyvinyl alcohol used in its operation. These chemicals are then reused on site. In addition to reducing the amount of new chemicals that must be manufactured, this practice also removes two substantial pollutants from its wastewater stream before it enters the wastewater treatment plant. This reduces the amount of energy required to biodegrade those chemicals and also reduces the amount of pH reduction that must be done.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions:

WestPoint Home began tracking greenhouse gas emissions in 2009 and has shown a 48% reduction in total emissions over the past eight years.

Water Use

When our Bahrain Plant was acquired in 2006, water consumption in Processing was 83 liters/kilogram of fabric. Bahrain is a very arid country with few water resources. It is critical for the future of the country that water use be closely managed. Since that acquisition, several water conservation measures have been adopted, including the following:

  • Recycling of cooling water
  • Reuse of PVA recovery permeate for scouring
  • Reduced water use in production equipment
After these original measures and later refinements, water consumption in Processing in 2015 dropped to 28.3 liters/kilogram (3.39 gallons/pound of fabric), a reduction of 66 %. This facility has been upgraded with a membrane clarifier and a reverse osmosis system that is now able to reclaim for reuse over 50% of the treated wastewater from the facility.